~ An Hour With You~


I Love You

I keep wondering how to say I love you,
to know I am really getting my message through.
Do you really have any idea of just how much,
I love you and your soft and gentle touch.
I love to look into your big brown eyes,
I get lost in their depth which to me is no surprise.
Because when you love someone like I love you,
that is exactly what I want to do.
Does my love for you show in my smile,
or when we cuddle together and can be alone for awhile.
You have no idea of the happiness you bring into my life,
how very happy and content I am to be your wife.
From our first date when you sang to me,
I asked God then please let this love last for all eternity.
There is just one question I need the answer to,
Do you really know just how much I love you.

Our love keeps getting stronger and deeper every day,
and it feels so good to know you are here to stay.
I thank God for you and I say this to you once again,
I love you, you are my husband, my lover
and my best friend.

Brenda Sparkman
March 9, 2004



Music: "Everlasting Love"
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Used With Permission