~ An Hour With You~

I Give You The Key To My Heart

If you promise me love beyond measure
I will give you the key to my heart,
And I will promise to love you forever
And promise that we will not part.

I will honor and always respect you
For the days you stood by my side,
I will cherish our friendship forever
Like the sea that rolls with the tide.

Our love will last through the ages and more
And live on in the heart on eternity's shore,
For I will pledge until my dying day.
This love in my heart is forever to stay.

Please accept this key to my heart I give
And stay by my side as long as I live.
For I cannot live in this world without you
You bring me sunshine and happiness to.

Take my love, my heart, and my friendship
And tuck it deep down inside.
For never again, will I find a true friend
If I search this big earth worldwide.

Written By Ann Hart
Aug 8th 2004


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Music: "When I Fall In Love"

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