~ An Hour With You~


 I Feel The Closeness Of You


I feel the closeness of you and your touch,
And still you're nowhere in my sight,
I wonder if you're dreaming of me much,
While gazing in the night's moonlight.

It's spring once again Oh love's in the air,
Do you listen to your heart's song,
Hear sweet music our love will always share,
It's been deep in my heart so long?

I feel the closeness of you around me,
Holding me in your rugged arms,
It's the feel of my love to be I'll see,
One day when you live all my charms.

I love you never having seen you yet,
How I wish you were here right now,
Are you dreaming you love me Oh so true,
I'm your one your only somehow?

I feel the closeness of you in my heart,
My love it won't be long you'll see,
The Lord has promised that we'll never part,
We're in love you and me to be.

Sondra McPherson
April 14, 2004



Music: "Dreams"
Music by Margi Harrell
Permission Granted