~ An Hour With You~

I Called Upon My Lord

I gave Him my heart totally,
He returned it filled with love,
I called upon Him in everyday things,
He never failed to hear my pleas.

I bowed my head and,
Placed you in Godís hands,
His are much bigger and,
More capable than ours.

I knelt down so I,
Might reach Him,
More humbly on your behalf,
He lifted me up in spirit.

I cried as I,
Prayed for you,
He dried my tears,
With gentle words.

I thanked Him for being,
A kind and gentle God,
He showered me,
With blessings.

I reached my arms toward,
The heavens in total surrender,
He picked me up and,
Praised me for being submissive.

Gayle Davis
May 3, 2002 ©





You're Always There

By: Rhesa Siregar, Paul Gentry and Elton Smith
Permission Granted