~ An Hour With You~

I Believe In You

If I could search this world through,
I would never again find a friend like you.
Since knowing you, my life is complete,
You are the sweetest I ever could meet.

I believe in your strength in the bad times.
I believe in your caring and love divine,
You are the person that comforts my soul,
For you believe in me, and make me whole,

I rely on you to help me get through,
And I would not make it, if not for you.
I look to you, to help me understand,
The trials of life, with such demand.

I believe that our friendship is blessed,
I know that God will give us the best.
I believe in you, and all that you do,
For there could never be a better you.

Written By Ann Hart
May 23, 2004

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Music: "Heart To Heart"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright by

Used with permission.
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