~ An Hour With You~

I Believe In Angels, Since I Met You

I started to believe in angels here
The day God send you to me,
The way your spirit just, flows so much
You show me how to set my feelings free.

You planted seeds of love in my heart
And then they began to grow,
Into the finest treasures of life
From the tiniest seeds that were sown.

You taught me to love myself at all times
And you accepted me, in your heart,
We built a bond of friendship there.
That only God knows, it will never depart.

You have that certain love about you
And it brings a smile to my face,
Its because of the love of Jesus we met
And to this day His amazing grace.

Like the flowers that bloom in springtime
And the lilacs that bloom in may,
Our friendship can only grow stronger
To love and to cherish each day.

Written by Ann Hart
İmay 23rd 2004



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