~ An Hour With You~

I believe in angels,
One came to me today,
As I listened closely,
This is what she had to say.

I know you miss your mother,
She said tell you she is okay,
She constantly watches over you,
In a mother’s special way.

She is here with you in the morning,
Looks o’er you through the night,
Her motherly love she extended,
With the coming of the light.

She really wanted you to know,
That she is still with you,
Although she is gone in body,
Her love for you remains so true.

She knows how often she comes to mind,
While busily you continue on you way,
She wants you to go forward, let go the grief,
Not look back and wish to return to yesterday.

You have the rest of your life before you,
So many wonderful things are in store,
Put a smile upon your despondent face,
My little darling girl, cry for me no more.

Gayle Davis
June 22, 2002 ©

Image used is from Stock Stash


Music: "Comfort"©
Original by Jalal Ali
*Jalal's Musical Compositions*
Used With Permission