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I Believe




I Believe

I believe someone special made the trees
The grasses and bushes
Even the birds, butterflies and the bees
And the flowers that bloom in the early spring

I believe someone special made the stars
That sparkles brilliantly in the night
The sun and moon, which shines day and night
Which also gives us great warmth and light

I believe in someone special
Who made all the beauty in the world
For I believe most certainly
There is someone bigger than you and I

I believe in God our Father
Who gave His beloved Son
Whom in terrible agony and pain
Sacrificed His life for our sins

I believe in Godís unconditional love
For He shows it in a multitude of ways
For God sends His beloved Son the Lamb
To prepare us and protect us

Until one day we may go home
To live with our loving Father
In all of Godís wonder
I believe

Donna J. Kramer
© May 16, 2004



Song is: I Believe

Permission Granted