~ An Hour With You~

I Am The Power, You Are My Vessel

The Voice of God will Rumble,
Like the thunder loud and bold,
Cede unto His precious word,
Put your life under His control.

Raise your arms to the heavens,
Surrender all to the Master on high,
His arms gather you in their bounds,
Drawing you forever nigh.

He is as the lightening,
Flashing and filled with power,
Walk in His pathway continually,
He fills you with each passing hour.

You are the vessel God has chosen,
To take His peoples home,
Fear not in your endeavors,
You are God's and never alone.

Your path will be made clear,
Your voice will rumble throughout the lands,
You will carry the torch of Life,
Placed by the Father's hands.

A light encircles you,
It is the spirit of our Lord,
You are to speak henceforth,
Of life under God's sword.

Gayle Davis
August 3, 2004


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Music "Voice in the Wind"
Words and Music By:
Rhesa Siregar/Paul Gentry
April 2004 (Siregar/Gentry)
Used With Permission