~ An Hour With You~


I have never hung upon a cross,
Upon my head a crown of thorns,
Given vinegar to quench my thirst,
While people in attendance scorned.

I have not given up my life,
To save a sinnerís soul,
Iíve not been buried in a cave,
Guarded by soldiers bold.

I have not risen from the dead,
A miracle talked about today,
I have not emerged from a tomb,
Nor ascended unto heavenís way.

But, I love the one that did these things,
Jesus gave His precious life for me,
He suffered greatly upon the cross,
When He paid my cost at Calvary.

I will travel to heavenís bright portals,
Guided by the light He shines for me to see,
I will forever walk in His footprints,
For my divine Savior is waiting for me.

Gayle Davis
January 18, 2004 ©


Music: "Adoration"

Words by Rick Founds
Music by Rhesa Siregar
Paul Gentry and Elton Smith
Permission Granted