~ An Hour With You~


I'm Sending My Dreams

When you walk out the door, do you sense me,
Believe in your heart that we'll meet,
Do you ever look more or less to see,
If I'm there, I'm the one you'll greet?

God's chosen your love like He said He'd do,
And He's sent His wiseness in Word,
Will you recognize me as I will you,
Have you prayed and listened and heard?

When it comes to love, are you just like me,
Praying I'll be your everything,
That the girl you'll wed has to truly be,
Filled with love that makes your heart sing?

Are you holding me in your heart my love,
Do you believe that I'm all yours,
The Lord's promised you to me from Above,
Are you somewhere on distant shores?

Wherever you are I'm sending my dreams,
Through the breeze they'll fly Oh so true,
Reach for them please for my heart in truth screams,
Will you know they're from me to you?

Then we'll meet and fall in love face to face,
The Lord keeps saying very soon,
Will you pray our love bursts in a sweet place,
Romantic and bright as the moon?

Sondra McPherson
April 11, 2004


Music is "Prayer"

Permission Granted