~ An Hour With You~



I’m Praying

As I look out the window I’m aware,
My daughter’s flight’s to be,
The world’s in chaos and fear’s everywhere,
Oh I’m praying you see!

To our Lord I look for wisdom through prayer,
He always gives me peace,
For He knows my thoughts and my every care,
Lord Jesus, I release!

You should know worry doesn’t lessen fright,
Fear reverses all trust,
My faith’s in Jesus to know she’s all right,
Her safety is a must!

I Praise My Lord He’s always there for me,
For I’d never survive,
He’s my strength and refuge of things to be,
Oh He keeps me alive!

If you need sanctuary, Call Jesus,
His Presence is with you,
Wherever you are His answer’s, “Child Yes,
I love you ~ See you through!”

©Sondra McPherson
March 8, 2003-2004


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Music: "Beautiful Savior"

By Peg Hardy and Elton Smith
Permission Granted