~ An Hour With You~

I'm Dreaming Of You

I'm dreaming of you in the midst of stars,
And dancing with you in the clouds,
You take me in your arms and whirl me 'round,
While a mist rises up and shrouds.

It's elegance in love's fantasy land,
And splendor on a crystal floor,
With a glazed gazebo waiting for us,
I'm dreaming of you and much more.

Heavenly music romances our hearts,
As our love song's composed by hosts,
Gazing in my eyes while you're holding me,
I'm dreaming of you Oh so close.

As the stars sparkle o'er us I can see,
Your eyes seem inviting tonight,
You lean over to kiss me lovingly,
I'm dreaming of you as my knight.

We're dancing in the stars' enchanted love,
While gliding the clouds all alone,
Love and romance tower over us now,
I'm dreaming of you as my own.

Sondra McPherson
April 6, 2004

Music is "Through The Eyes Of Love"

Sequenced by Jack Hall: Permission Granted