~ An Hour With You~

I'm Always Thinking Of You

I'm always thinking of you sweet man,
What else is new in God's plan,
The Lord has vowed together we'll be,
e day it will be you and me.

I'll know in my heart if you are there,
I'm aware to see if you care,
The fog may be dense but you I'll find,
One day we'll be one of a kind.

I'm always thinking of you each day,
And if God has brought you my way,
My eyes will not cast you down at all,
One day soon you'll hear my heart call.

My love I'll share when you're in my sight,
Oh our bliss will be day and night,
Yes I'll look to the heavens above,
One day graced we'll be with sweet love.

I'm always thinking of you the most,
Our faces touching Oh so close,
When we look into each others' eyes,
One day we'll smile in sweet surprise.

I'll want you to hold and thrill me so,
Pull me close and ne'er let me go,
Take me in your arms evermore and,
One day our love will meet God's plan.

©Sondra McPherson
September 5, 2004


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Music: "I Believe In You And Me"
Sequenced By: Deb Ackley
Used With Permission