~An Hour With You~

Iím Always Thinking Of You, Son

I am always thinking of you
With every move I make
Every breath I take
For you have left footprints
On My heart

The way your mouth
Turns up when you smile
The laughter I see in your eyes
And the way they twinkle and shine

The kindness you show
To whoever needs your loving care
Your sweet gentle manner
Which touches everyone's heart

Your great love of Jesus
That always shines through
In everything you say, think and do
Which seems to radiate out
For the whole world to see

The strength, love and support
That we have always shared
Makes me want to let you know, son
That I love you with all my heart

But most of all my precious one
Remember, I will always love you
And I will always be thinking of you
For you have a big piece of my heart

And I am so proud
Of the man that you have become

Donna J. Kramer
July13, 2004©





Music: A Love Until The End Of Time

Sequenced By: Jack Hall  Permission Granted

Assembled By: Donna