~ An Hour With You~

How I love Jesus with all my heart,
Thereís no other for me,
He gave His life so Iíd be a part,
Eternity shall be.

On the Cross He cried ĎIt is finished,í
Endured such agony,
Just for me that Iíd be unblemished,
He became sin, Iím free.

Iím so thankful for Jesus my Lord,
All my sins He forgave,
Iíve everlasting life I look toward,
Iím saved from that bleak grave.

My Resurrection Life is Jesus,
Now death has no power,
One day my body will be raised Yes,
Iíll love Him more that hour.

There will never be shadows thereof,
My Lordís Gloryís so bright,
Heís my Savior and King and all Love,
Iíll sing in Heavenís Light.

©Sondra McPherson
March 8, 2004


Copyright © 2004- Grammys Gallery
Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved

Music: " I Thank You Lord"

By: Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Permission Granted