~An Hour With You~

I'll Cry Tears

At last you've come back to my lonely heart,
I've been so empty yet filled with sadness,
Never again will we be far apart,
Now from my heart I'll cry tears of gladness.

At last I feel your face so close to me,
Oh the anguish not having your sweet kiss,
Thank God our love is once again to be,
Mornings I'll cry tears of our momentsí bliss.

At last our hearts can breathe in love's embrace,
How I've prayed for you, my one and only,
Always recalling harm's way you would face,
Yes I'll cry tears but they'll not be lonely.

Dear Lord, I thank You that my love's now home,
My heartís so full of grateful tears he's near,
Oh how he's sealed within my heart to roam,
And I'll cry tears of joy heaven will hear.

©Sondra McPherson
November 1, 2003

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