~ An Hour With You~

Iíll Always Love You

Iíll always love you in some way thatís true,
In a secret place my heart,
Has hidden this love of mine for you,
Of me itís only a part.

And even though those are yesteryears,
Iíll never forget your face,
Nor the sweet times or even hurt tears,
Of a sweet love lost in place.

Iíll always love how you looked at me,
The feel of your loving touch,
And how strongly you wanted to be,
Holding me close Oh so much.

I truly think back when I was yours,
How young and so much in love,
My heart keeps behind unopened doors,
The whys and wonders thereof.

Iíll always love you too for saying,
I was beautiful to you,
I know of no other displaying,
A romance to me so true.

Even though youíre far away somewhere,
Youíre in my heart just for me,
We had a first love so sweet to share,
And it was our time to be.

Sondra McPherson
May 2, 2004©



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