~ An Hour With You~

Iíll Always Believe

I'll always believe when one's in love,
It will last for evermore,
A first love lives deeply in each heart,
And too real to close the door.

Iíll always believe thereís no ending,
I know my first love was real,
And thereís not one thing Iíd change this day,
For my heart knows how I feel.

Iíll always believe dreams and wonder,
If first loves e'er meet again,
Or see each other's face but what then,
Would their hearts long to remain.

Iíll always believe one day loves find,
Answers to the ifs and whys,
Sad it happens to many first loves,
Is love misty in their eyes.

Iíll always believe in true first loves,
How it grows and still lives on,
First loves never ending then or now,
Always sing of loves' sweet song.

©Sondra McPherson
August 9, 2004

Flower tube courtesy of Graphics Galore'

Music: "Misty"

Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Permission Granted