~An Hour With You~

Home For Christmas




Home For Christmas

Oh, Mom Iíd love to be
Home for Christmas
Spend some special time
With the whole family and you

Remembering our Christmasís pass
When I was just a little boy
Baking sugar cookies for Santa Claus
In case he was hungry on his journey

Leaving some carrots for Rudolph
Knowing deep down in his heart
He would have to share his carrots
Knowing itís only right and fair

The big dish of the variety of cookies
You always baked every year
A multitude of different kinds
On Christmas morning weíd share

Opening all the marvelous gifts
That Santa Clause would bring
Being tickled and thrilled
By all the wonderful fun things

Oh, Mom I really wish I were home
For I really envision in my dreams
Seeing you standing at the back door
With a radiant smile on your loving face

But I canít be there this year
For I have a special job to do
To make the world safer
For other counties and ours too

So have a Merry Christmas
A very Happy New Year
Mom, with Godís love and protection
I will be able to be home, safe and sound
With you, and my loved ones next year

All My Love, Your Son or Daughter
Who had to go off, to fight a war

©Donna J. Kramer
Dec. 7, 2002



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Music: "Silent Night
Diversi-Tune Midi Files
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission



Assembled By: Donna