~ An Hour With You~

Holy Spirit, Pray For Me

Holy Spirit, Please Pray for me,
The pain's so deep, I just can't see.
Burdened under tons of care
My spirit just can't take me there.

Holy Spirit, Please Pray for me,
My troubled soul to be set free.
Alone at night, my spirit wept;
The world around me, silent, slept.

Holy Spirit, Please Pray for me.
My restless soul won't let me be
For sins alone, I do atone
wishing I had not been born.

Holy Spirit, Please Pray for me.
My grief is such, My Lord, agree.
Forgiveness comes from You, Alone.
My Savior seated on Your Heavenly Throne.

Holy Spirit, Please Pray for me
For You know all my infirmity
Speak now the words I can only groan,
Jesus, Please guide me, safely, home.

So the Holy Spirit Groans and Sighs
And raises prayers heard on High
Forgiveness sought, forgiveness bought
His intercession for the Saints has brought.

Adherence to the Father's Will
God will say, "At Peace, be still,"
The Holy Spirit and His Worthy Praise
Has brought you to His Heavenly Ways.


Romans 8: 26-27

All graphics on this page are of Lil Kitty, 2001-2003.

Music: "As I Gaze At The Stars"

Lyrics: Christa Ann Kaighn, Elton Smith, Larry Holder
Sequenced by Elton Smith.
Used With Permission