~An Hour With You~

Holly's Bears

Holly was a little girl
With beautiful blond curly hair
She lived in a beautiful house
Sitting on the top of a lovely hill

Holly loved Teddy Bears
She had a room in the attic
Where she spent most of her time
Playing with her best friends
Her magnificent Teddy Bears

She never let anyone big or small
Play with her bears
For they were her best friends
The only friends she ever knew

She was so afraid
Someone would tear or break one
Holly told them her inner feelings
For she felt she could only trust
Her beloved Teddy Bears

Even though Holly lived
In a large beautiful house
Her mommy and Daddy had many fights
Leaving Holly so scared and so alone

She was only safe and protected
In her special little attic room
With her bear friends
To keep her safe, loved and warm

©Donna J. Kramer
Nov. 2, 2004







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Music: Beautiful Music

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given



Assembled By: Donna