~ An Hour With You~

Godís granted beauty to behold our eyes,
Theyíre His lovely lacy things.
Joyfulness does hail the Lordís creations,
With every love touch He brings.

Vibrant beauties tinged with rich lace edging,
His masterpieces are fine,
The elegance of grandeur is His touch,
God is ever so Divine.

Greet loveliness and herald all day long,
For all the Lordís splendor sounds,
Giving existence thatís new just for us,
His Loving Hand also crowns.

Creations bow before God in honor,
And worship their esteemed King,
His lovely lacy things watch to behold,
And grasp Him with joys they sing.

©Sondra McPherson
June 12, 2003

Copyright © 2004 Grammys Gallery
Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved

Midi playing "Secret Garden" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.