~ An Hour With You~

His Beauty’s Love

I thankfully look at the days gone by,
As all things are become new,
Lay eyes on as I do and in awe sigh,
God’s beauty’s all posed for you.

It’s marvelous to behold God’s splendor,
No one can reflect His themes,
Not even the designing’s seen before,
His Beauty’s Love as it seems.

Everywhere you see His colors and scents,
Sparkling waters feed all things,
Even sands glisten with delicate prints,
His Presence’s the scent He brings.

How He does flower His Glory each day,
He sacrificed just for us,
So Divine is God to give Love away,
Yes His Beauty’s Love, Jesus.

Majestic and gentle our God creates,
New life ‘midst angels on clouds,
His brilliant sun's shining lightbeams He makes,
Oh how His Beauty enshrouds.

Nothing would be but with God we're living,
Look to see His Beauty done,
He waits for you, His love is so giving,
His Beauty’s Love, see His Son!

©Sondra McPherson
July 5, 2003






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Nothing Would Be Without You

Rhesa Siregar And Elton Smith
Used With Permission