God's Promise

~An Hour With You~


Heavenly Home

I know we are given
The promise of a Heavenly Home
A place where only peace
And great happiness roam

Where love is in abundance
Everywhere you look
Grown ups loving each other
With compassion and care

No longer heartache or pain
Sorrow or any kind of sickness
Always surrounded by great beauty
A beauty beyond ones imagination

Music sounding like trumpets of peace
Angels singing magnificent songs
Of great love, comfort and gentleness
Given to them from God our loving Father

For His beautiful children
Are the treasures of His life
His greatest joy is showing His children
The beauty of His Heavenly Home

Which shows God's beloved children
Peace, tranquility and tremendous love
With great beauty surrounding them
Giving a tremendous feeling of peace

For the great love and beauty
That is found in God's Heavenly Home
Being surrounded by all God's promises
Of eternal life in His Heavenly Home

©Donna J. Kramer
Nov. 26,2004


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