~ An Hour With You~

Climb the mountain of God high above,
Each step you take is met with love,
Great snows thus white ever glisten bright,
Shone’s heaven on earth as insight.

Remain in the steps of God Who leads,
Search out the harvest, cast out weeds,
Living waters soak with great downpours,
Watch heaven on earth open doors.

Find peaceful living waters so pure,
Yet ripples lure oft times obscure,
God's seen mountain that’s great lies ahead,
Seize as heaven on earth’s widespread.

The Great I Am that I Am dwells here,
Walk assured in the Lord Who's near,
Be built up in the mountain of God,
Live heaven on earth with Him trod.

Let not your heart be troubled this day,
Walk amongst God's great trees that sway,
Hear the sounds speaking like thunder roars,
For heaven on earth lifts and soars.

©Sondra McPherson
November 1, 2004~



Music: "How Awesome Is This Place"

Copyright © 2001 Ralph Merrifield
Song By: Ralph Merrifield.
Midi Created By: Richard Garber and Elton Smith