~ An Hour With You~


My heart seems to be bursting,
It is filled with so much love,
Blessing from the good Father,
Poured from the heavens above.

He has given me precious friends,
To share my thoughts and cares,
Such generous friends I've found,
My woes they willingly share.

If I have good news to tell,
They are filled with joy for me,
Forever giving of themselves,
A true friendship so free.

My heart is full of love,
Thanking God for each day,
Thanking Jesus each morning,
For good friends along the way.

Oh yes my heart is full of love,
I have many blessings sent,
Friends to share each moment,
Even when the day is spent.

Friends fill my heart with love,
Seeking friendship, not acquaintance,
Not a fickle thing that passes unnoticed,
But one set in sweet heaven's permanence..

Gayle Davis
November 25, 2004




Music: "Peace in The Heart"
Original by Jalal Ali
*Jalal's Musical Compositions*
Used With Permission