~ An Hour With You~

Heart Full Of Love

I know there is someone just for me,
And for him I wait.
I long for that special someone that,
May be led to me by fate.

I have so much love within my heart,
With someone I could share.
Someone to share my dreams with,
And know for me they care.

I look around and see the things,
Of which I've been so blessed.
I'm so thankful to our Father,
And yet I feel unrest.

I hope that he will find me soon,
I'm waiting so patiently.
Until that day I'll dream of the,
Love I cannot see.

I've waited oh so long,
For the one that's right for me.
I'll keep a prayer within my heart,
That one day I'll see.


ŠLuvdalot Graphics & Design, 2003

Music: "Love Medley"

By: Margi Harrell
Used With Permission

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