~ An Hour With You~

He will stand above man for he standeth upon My Word,
And I will lift him high like unto the mountains,
My Words will pour forth like a rushing river,
And they will rumble like the thunder in the skies,
Covering the peoples that thirst after Me.

They will be filled with Living Waters,
That hath no end for I Am The Great I Am,
And he is My vessel and will give,
Living Waters in my stead to My peoples,
That they thirst no more but will lift up,
Their arms to Me in song and praise.

He is my child chosen in the womb and carried,
By My anointed one to manhood and he will,
Follow Me until the ending of time,
I will place wings upon his feet and he will soar,
Rising above others that they may see,
I am still the God of all creation.

He will bask in My shadow and I will light his way,
That he sees through the darkness,
I will give him strength of a thousand men,
That he may withstand those that come against him,
Fear not for he is My child and I am the Father.

My angels will surround him and,
Not one hair upon his head will be touched,
He is as the light of the heavens and will lead,
My peoples through the wilderness that they will,
Reach Me and I will greet them with Open Arms.

©Gayle Davis
November 11, 2004


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Music: "Higher Ground"
Sequenced by: Lewis G. Scharpf, Jr.©
Used by Permission