~ An Hour With You~

He Reached Out For Me

My Lord Jesus reached out for me,
Pulling me eer closer to his chest,
He took my burdens from my heart,
Laying them at Calvary to rest.

Jesus loved a sinner,
Oh, He cleansed my sinful soul,
Changing me from within,
Filling me with joys untold.

The days seem so much brighter,
The nights filled with sweet song,
I praise my blessed Savior,
His love carries me along.

I have a home in Glory,
A mansion Christ has built for me,
One day at heavens portals,
My beloved Jesus I will see.

Gayle Davis
February 11, 2004








Music: "Amazing Love"
Redsal's Midis
( Words and Music By Graham Kendrick - Sequenced by Redsal)
Used With Permission