~ An Hour With You~

He Loved Us So!

My Father Your word is true.
It refreshes my heart anew.
When from it I do read,
Of how on the cross You did bleed.

How upon Yourself You took my sin.
Took that walk so I could get in,
To the mansion You have built for me,
Beyond the sky and the sea.

Thank You for coming in the flesh,
So my life could start a fresh,
I can't sing enough praises to You
Each morning it starts anew!

You are a Glorious King,
Worthy of my everything.
Lord of lords You are to me,
And will be through eternity.

Worthy of praise from everyone,
But that won't be ever be done.
Though one day every eye shall see
Then on bended knee,

Everyone will worship Thee
As we know it should be.
To late it will be then,
For souls to be delivered from sin.

So come just as you are,
It will be the best thing by far,
That you will ever do.
Yes you may start your life anew.


Psalms 29 ~ 2
Give unto the LORD the glory due
unto his name; worship the LORD
in the beauty of holiness.

Music: " Come Just As You Are"

Sequenced By: Bob Sorem
Used With Permission