~An Hour With You~

Haunting Memories

I look into the horizons,
My thoughts scattered and few,
Things on my mind tonight,
Are only thoughts of you.

Memories haunt the hours,
Tears are clouding my view,
The life that was intended for us,
Will now have to be planned anew.

The world looked bright and cheery,
We were happy, filled with delight,
If only we could foretell the future,
You would be with me tonight.

I long once again to hold you,
To have you close by my side,
Yet the wishes inside my heart,
Will forever more be denied.

I will sadly continue onward,
Somehow, I will make it ‘till day,
The new morning light dawning,
Will help me see clearer the way.

Gayle Davis
September 10, 2003©



Music "Through The Years"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Permission Of Use Granted