~ An Hour With You~


I wish you a Happy New Year,
Wishes straight from my heart,
May this coming year so new,
Be filled with a God blest part.

May all of your blessings,
Be greatly multiplied,
And all of your of burdens,
Be left by the wayside.

May God be the center,
Of this coming year,
The sound of the wind,
Be God's voice you hear.

May your heart be joyful,
Your days filled with love,
May you have precious harmony,
From the heavens above.

May your eyes see sights,
Thus hidden in the past,
And all of your days,
Serve a Holy repast.

May the love of the Lord,
Cloak you in its shield,
Giving to you in the new year,
Sweet angelic yield.

May your prayers be earnest,
When seeking prayers raise,
Considering others needs,
Remembering God to praise.

Have a Happy New Year,
This is my wish for you,
A world of peace and gentleness,
A life with an unclouded view.

Gayle Davis
December 10, 2004

Music: "Auld Lang Syne"
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission