~An Hour With You~

Happy Birthday LadyGayle

We all came out together,
To bake a special Birthday Cake,
A cake for someone special,
We bet you could never guess who.

She's sweet, gentle and kind,
She's silly and funny too,
Always helps whoever needs her,
For that's what her heart tells her to do.

Oh, what a blessing another birthday,
Just for her, our God given friend,
We praise the Lord, for her in every way,
God's sweet gift of love, he did send

She writes beautiful poetry,
Which fills everyone's heart,
With happiness and joy,
Which last the whole year through.

Now are you ready, our sweet friend to guess
We bet you already knew
Happy Birthday, Sweet Gayle
We all love you!

So make a wish, and blow out your candle,
May all your dreams and wishes come true,
Not for just a day, but the whole year through,
Always know our special friend, we all love you!

*Happy Birthday LadyGayle*

Sondra, South, Jimmy, Donna
Aug. 2, 2004




Music: Happy Birthday
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