~ An Hour With You~

Happy Happy Birthday,
Heard this was your day,
Did you think we would let it slide,
Without having our say?

I know you are one year older,
That happens along with time,
And I am glad to know that you,
Are a precious friend of mine.

Hands that help so eagerly,
Happily and so blessed,
You do the very best you can,
To give another sweet rest.

You bring joy to us with laughter,
Ever lifting our hearts up high,
A dear loving friend who's so true,
One whom we can always rely.

Happy Happy Birthday Donna,
We wish you a beautiful day,
Filled with God's sunshine and fragrance,
Sent in His loveliest bouquet.

May you have lots of smiles and hugs,
The happiest celebrations,
You deserve the sweetest birthday,
We love you, 'Congratulations!'

"Happy Birthday Donna"
~*~Sondra, Gayle, Jean, South, Carolyn, Jimmy~*~

Copyright 2002-2004 Grammys Gallery -Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved

Music: "Happy Birthday To You"
Magical Musical Place for Children
By: Eugene Hayek Eugene Hayek
Used With Permission