~ An Hour With You~

We wish somebody special love,

He's our teddy bear with roses,

And he showers us Oh so sweet,

With prayers in all lifes' supposes.

Oh Happy Birthday Capt. Rosebud,

We all are blessed to call you friend,

You give us girlies so much love,

And we're here with our hugs to send.

We think you're 'bout the grandest man,

You do so much for everyone,

God has blessed you sweetly and so,

We can say we love you a ton!

Never refusing the pleas of help,

A gift of compassion God blest,

All the day and into the night,

Helping hands give their best.

Numbered among the ones called friend,

Thankfulness flows from our hearts,

We look to you with great esteem,

Happy Birthday we happily impart.

There is one of God's fisherman

He is a giant among men

Who lives in these trying times

Giving his heart to his fellow men

The love that Jimmy shares

Radiates out from his beautiful soul

With a heart as large as the ocean

As the beauty of his love unfolds

Each of us love you in a special way,

To each you mean so much.

You've been such an inspiration,

and each heart you touch.

We wish for you the very best

In all that you may do.

We're grateful for your friendship,

And the love you offer to!

You my friend, I know I can always depend on,

No matter what the hour or how tired you might be...

And even tho', we might not always agree,

You are a very special friend, and I know You'll always be....

Now a word from the youngest of the bunch. :)

How much you mean to me each and everyday,

my heartfelt words just can not seem to express,

that God will shower you with blessings, this I pray.

You've been like a spiritual dad to me

and in you, I see a heart of pure gold.

Always there with a kind word or deed

so much love for "your girls" your heart holds.

Our lives are truly blessed having met you.

You are a true friend to everyone!

One last thing that I must say....

"I like working with you too hun. " :)

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!!


Music: "Happy Birthday to You" (Big Band Style)
A Joyful Noise
By: Lewis G. Scharpf, Jr.
Permission Granted