~ An Hour With You~


Hand In Hand


As I awake in the morning
To the aroma of coffee brewing
Hearing music playing softly
While Doves outside are cooing

I know your waiting for a stir
Letting you know…I’m awake
So we can discuss over breakfast
The day, and the plans to make

We are truly devoted, as one
Our thoughts are…. In one accord
Each day, we are so thankful
And we let it be known …to our Lord

Oh, we have had many good times,
Along with some bad ones too
Whatever, we faced all…. Together
Eventually, seeing things through

Quickly, days turn, one into another
As well as the seasons come and go
We climb, from valleys to mountains
Nurturing our love, making it grow

Our hair is taking a silver cast
Lacy wrinkles, starting to appear
It doesn’t matter, we'll hold tightly,
Asking God for yet, another year

We’ll walk with one other, sharing
Our plans, our life…our dreams
Together, As we boldly face
Life’s, daily scheme of things!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright © 2004


Genesis 2:18
And the Lord God said, It is not good
That the Man should be alone; I will
Make him an help meet for him





Music: "I Will Always Love You" [Whitney Houston]

Sequenced by: Jack Hall
Used With Permission