~ An Hour With You~


Granny Teach Me To Pray

 Oh, Granny what you doing
I see you kneeling there
I thought I heard you talking
But I don't see anyone anywhere

Granny said, I'm saying my prayers
To my loving father up above
To tell him how much I love him
And I know I am in his loving care

Please Granny will you teach me,
Teach me how to pray
Yes, but first fill your heart with love
Then kneel down here beside me

Now I'll teach you how to pray
To your Heavenly Father up above
But Granny, I can't see him
How do you know he's there

Granny said, he's always there beside you
No matter what you say or do
He's there to shower you with love
And he'll always take good care of you

That's why I get down on my knees
Why I say my prayers
For I love my heavenly Father
And I know he will always love me

Now that I am grown
I have grandchildren of my own
I still remember when my Granny
Taught me my first prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep
Now my Grandchildren say
Granny, I love you
Please will  you teach me to pray

Cause Granny we want to pray to God
The same way your Granny taught you too

Donna J. Kramer
July 8, 2004



Music: Now And Forever

Permission Granted
By: Jack Hall


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