~ An Hour  With You~

  Granny And Her Tea Pot

Granny and her tea pot
I remember it, oh so well
It always sat upon her table
Steaming hot with Lipton tea

It was white with pink and red roses
The most beautiful teapot
That you will ever, ever see
And Granny’s teapot made delicious tea

Then on one special day
Granny gave her beautiful teapot to me
I never fill her teapot with tea
It is much, much to precious to me

I let her teapot set out on my table
Because in my mind I can see
My Granny sitting there sipping her tea
For my Granny is home with God you see

I fill it with pink and red roses
Set it out were everyone can see
The beauty of Granny’s teapot
Which shows all the love she gave to me

Donna J. Kramer
April 24, 2004©

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Music playing: "Once In A Lifetime"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission