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Granny's Wicker Rocking Chair

Granny's Wicker Rocking Chair


Great, Great Granny
Always sitting in her
Lovely white wicker rocking chair
With rose flowered cushions

She smiled with the gentleness
Of the angels in the heavens
With such a twinkle and shine
In her beautiful blue eyes

Remembering how she covered herself
With her log cabin designer quilt
Telling stories of her life
In the good old days

While I laid my head
On her knee and she stroked my hair
She would read marvelous words to me
From the bible of how Jesus loves us

I loved my Great, Great Granny
She was a marvelous lady
I loved seeing that beautiful wicker chair
When Granny went to heaven

I wished someone would have given
Her White Wicker Rocking Chair to me

Donna J. Kramer
Aug 4, 2004



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Music: Grandma You Brought Sunshine

By: Ralph Merrifield and Elton Smith
Permission Granted



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