~An Hour With You~


Grandma's Angel

An angel came floating down,
Straight from the Heavens on high,
Landing right inside my heart,
With contentment, softly I sigh.

The love I feel within my heart,
Brings joy words can't adequately measure,
Elation rules as I rejoice,
Thanking God for Heaven's blessed treasure.

I look upon as you lay sleeping,
Aching to hold you in my empty arms,
Knowing behind those restful little eyes,
I see an angel of majestic charm.

You are a gift precious angel,
Sent to me from Heaven above,
God saw fit to bless this grandma,
He gave me an angel to love.

Gayle Davis
March 1, 2004






Music: Rock A Bye Baby

Permission Granted
By: Margi Harrell