~ An Hour With You~

Gram-Ma Was Ready

Gram-ma was and Indian...from
The tribe of the Cherokee
A woman full of wisdom, who
Taught many things to me

A good Christian all her life
Serving her Lord, most high
She said she looked forward to
The day...her horse would carry
Her...to meet Him in the sky

Then before I knew it, the time
Was drawing near...Gram-ma was
Getting weak, she would leave us
Soon...it was clear

I sadly watched Gram-ma
As she lay dying in her bed
She wasn't moaning, nor bitter
She prayed as she bowed her head

You could barely hear her voice
As she thanked God...for everything
She actually seemed a little anxious
For the peace that death would bring

The room became very quiet
Gram-ma...was lying so still
Everyone was praying...
Asking "God" to do His will

Aloud I prayed "Lord I love her"
And "I don't want you to take her"
Then looking up... She smiled
And said "child, I'm ready to meet
My Maker!"

Thinking then on what she said
Her faith and courage so strong
I knew I had to let her go....
For this meeting with Jesus
She's waited...so long!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright 2004


Ecclesiastes (3:2) "A Time To Be Born
And A Time To Die!"

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