~An Hour With You~

Graduation Day


It came up so fast
A day no longer waiting for
A time to make us reflect
On the days that have passed

Time to think about the future
Thinking about how our lives, will change
From here on out
We wished, waited and dreamed
About  our Graduation Day

Now we wished it was not here
A time to leave friends and family
A day to grow up
Time to take responsibility for ourselves
Not giving our responsibilities  to someone else

Owning up to our own mistakes
Time to get ready to leave the nest
Start to make our own way in our life

Having to take our own bumps and bruises
As we were destined to do in this life
A time to learn our actions
Come with serious consequences

A time to reflect
On what really matters in life
Instead of clothes, boys,
Hair, parties and sports

A day to spend special time
With our family and friends
To rejoice and be proud
Of what we have accomplished

Especially a time to be thankful
For family and friends
For without them no telling where
We would have ended up

At this special time of our life
Are Graduation Day

Ashley M. Kramer
May 29, 2004



Music: A Whole New World

Sequenced By: Jack Hall

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