~ An Hour With You~

Got Guilt?

Feeling bad for what you do is not a bad thing for you.
In fact, it is so good even though not understood.
Having guilt lets you know there is hope for your soul.
Guilt was meant to be to show us our iniquity.
If you reach a point of no regret, you sin and easily forget,
At that point you cling to wickedness, your whole life seems hopeless,
Regrets will no longer appear and change is what you'll fear!

If you stay upon this weary path, it will lead to eternal wrath.
Do not waste no more of your days living out such wicked ways!
Instead, turn your life over to He, Who can set you free,
Free from the burden of your sins, free from Satan's hands,
Free to enjoy God's love so grand. Take hold of Jesus' hand,
Let Him lead as you follow. Today's the time, may not be a tomorrow!

Christina Michelle~Mladucky Foster
September 19, 2004©
All rights reserved.

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Music: "It Is No Secret"

Sequenced By Dick Anderson
Used Wtih Permission