~ An Hour With You~

God speaks strong winds gusting deliverance,
His power and glory redeem,
As the thunders roll and the waters pour,
Claimed are miracles as they seem.

God speaks, beloved mighty warrior mounts,
Thus climbs the highest mountain crest,
Humbly bowing, before him Holy Ground,
Afore Almighty God in quest.

God speaks, beloved one walks and talks with Him,
Hears henceforth Godís mighty power,
A gentle giantís but a gentle lamb,
Makes known Godís miracle shower.

God speaks loving winds around His peoples,
The Holy fire of Godís Glory,
His gentle lamb and mighty warrior,
Cries Redemptionís Love Story.

God speaks, His peoples hear as thunder rolls,
Beloved voices God profoundly,
Blasts of thunder roll out deliverance,
Lifeís waters well over soundly.

God speaks, His beloved one acts in His stead,
In the midst of him God abounds,
With great love and deep might, miracles mount,
And the Glory of God surrounds.

©Sondra McPherson
June 27, 2004


Copyright © 2004 Grammys Gallery
Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved.


Music: "Your Love Surrounds Me"

By: Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Permission granted