~ An Hour With You~

I see the beauty of God,
In the flowers as they grow,
Small blooms enhance bouquets,
While the larger flowers show.

Inside our heart there is a beauty,
Of the same God that makes the bloom,
When He dwells inside our soul,
The Wonder of God has ample room.

He gives to us sweet substance,
A smile to light another's day,
A helping hand extended,
To help others on their way.

He covers us in His great love,
Renewing that which we give,
Showers us in great blessings,
Never faltering as we live.

I see the Wonder of God,
In each and every living thing,
I see Him in the sunshine,
I glimpse Him in the rain.

The wonder of my Lord,
Is there for us to grasp,
His love is all around,
In permanence it will last.

I live in the midst of God's Wonder,
It swaddles me in His love,
I look at the wonders of nature,
And know that God is above.

Gayle Davis
October 17, 2004

Copyright 2004 Grammys Gallery -Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved

Image used is from Stock Stash

Music: "A Garden For My King"

By: Susan Tolle-Knight
Permission Granted