~An Hour With You~

~The Flower Bask In The Light Of Jesus~

God's Pick Of The Garden

God took a walk through His garden,
He looked at how the flowers abound,
As He strolled along the blooms,
A special flower He has found.

He reached down His massive Hand,
And plucked it from all the rest,
He gazed at this special flower,
He knew it was the best.

A look at the heart of this blossom,
Showed great love ready to flow,
God's obedient little flower,
Thanked God for helping it grow.

Always faithful to give credit to,
Our heavenly Father in all things,
Whilst it sipped heaven's sweet honey dew,
Glorious winds carry praises it sings.

God took this precious little flower,
And set it down upon this earth,
He knew it would work diligently,
To spread the News of Jesus' birth.

Never halting in its intended journey,
The pretty flower scattered near and far,
All wondrous things Jesus will do for us,
If only we let Him be our shining Star.

While the beautiful flower prevailed,
In the telling everyone in voice so bold,
Christ looked down upon His choice,
And Heaven's Love He did unfold.

Gayle Davis,
April 30, 2002


Music playing is "First Garden"

the composition is copyright Geoff Anderson
and used with permission.