~ An Hour With You~

I saw a cute freckled face little girl,
Run through a flowery meadow,
Itís in Heavenís field she does run and twirl,
Bright as the sun with no shadow.

Her black curly hairís just bouncing along,
Smiling sweetly she waves to me,
I move toward her now seeing she's quite strong,
Happy she runs further with glee.

I cannot seem to catch her but I know,
When her spirit went to Heaven,
She was my cherished cousin I loved so,
With Jesus sheís newly woven.

Now she does run to and fro having fun,
Rolling about in the flowers,
Beauty beholds her eye amidst the Son,
For itís Godís Meadow that showers.

Oh sheís lavished in His sweet fields so free,
Beautiful blossoms everywhere,
And all things have been changed Yes I can see,
How grand of God to take her there.

©Sondra McPherson
April 7, 2003-2004


Music: "Completely Healed"

By: Eve Ray and Jack Toney
Used with Permission