~ An Hour With You~

God's Angels On Parade

Beholding Godís Magnificence with awe,
In the midst of His Throne,
Are angels on parade who draw closely,
Godís Majesty is shone.

Such radiance light His angels aglow,
Being in Godís Presence,
Angels on parade render His wisdom,
Yielding His Great Essence.

Angels do the Will of God as He calls,
They carry out as told,
As darkness befalls at various times,
Angels of God unfold.

Sent by God with love are hosts of angels,
Yes only He commands,
Angels are of His Heavenly Order,
Exalting Jesus stands.

Weíre in awe as Godís angels enlighten,
They say, ĎBe not afraid,í
These angels in our midst are ones of Old,
Godís Angels on Parade.

©Sondra McPherson
May 16, 2003

Music: "God's Great Grace"
Midi Haven
Sequenced By: Eleanor Adams
Used with Permission