~ An Hour With You~

I have seen such beauty and grace,
Simple elegance and undying devotion,
In a strength of resolve and purpose
Only God could sustain.

A First Lady in every respect.
I applaud her devotion, strength,
courage, and obvious life-long love
For her man, Ronald Reagan


 Gently in Jesus' Arms

With simple dignity, and grace,
and strength, she took her place
And watched as soldiers carried
her beloved from his place

within her arms, that held him near
her heart, while last he breathed,
Her words were soft upon her lips,
Reaffirming his belief.

And now she rests her weary head
upon the flag unfurled
that drapes the coffin bearing him
Across a country~~~ and to the world.

She stand in silent vigil
and remembers
all those years
Of dedicated love for each other
That calmed all their doubts and fears.

Now a nation mourns, the world follows
every movement; so sublime,
caressing the flag which covers him,
Speaks softly, one more time.

I have lived with him and loved him
through out all these years
I lay him gently in Jesus' Arms
though my heart is full of tears.

She turns to go, she knows not where,
and it matters not, you know
For his spirit is right beside her
no matter where she goes.

Until the day that she is gently laid
Into Jesus Warm Embrace,
and they can be together, again,
heart to heart, and face to face.




Music: "White Rose"
* Jalal's Original Musical Compositions *
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Used With Permission